LED Light Therapy Treatment

Using light delivered through light emitting diodes to deliver pure light in precise wavelengths for the treatment of acne, superficial skin lesions, relieving pain, and promoting skin rejuvenation.

LED can be used as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with other intensive therapies to accelerate healing and improve results.



Pre-Pay and Save
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How do I use my package?

When booking online just place in the comments that you would like to purchase the package or let us know if you’re booking over the phone. We will help schedule your 5 LED Therapy sessions in advance to lock in your therapist, day + time that suits you.

Terms and Conditions Apply
Packages are valid from 8 months from purchase
Packages are not transferrable
Cancellations within 24hrs will forfeit session.

The Facts

  • Benefits

    Repair and rejuvenate skin, Improve skin tone and texture, treat acne, dermatitis, rosacea and psoriasis, decreases deeper lines and wrinkles, Skin tightening, Wound Healing, Increases blood flow to tissue, Relief of muscle and joint pain/pain management, Decreases the risk of bruising, Decreases recovery time, Stimulates collagen production, Stimulates ATD – cellular energy, Increases skin’s natural hydration, Stimulates serotonin to the brain

  • Technology

    We use a machine called Healite II which emits alternating low-level wavelengths of the yellow spectrum of light channeled through 1800 targeted LED diodes or bulbs.This form of yellow light delivery basically ensures maximum penetration of rejuvenating light into the skin and also the distribution of the most efficient calibration of wavelengths targeted to specific levels in the skin for maximum effect; on the surface and sub surface but also at a sub cellular and cellular level.Healite II treatments stimulates collagen/elastin production and natural hydration, heals acne and is also extremely therapeutic in its wound healing and pain management abilities. It is even known as a holistic treatment as it stimulates blood flow and serotonin to the brain. It’s a no downtime, non-invasive treatment that repairs and intensely hydrates to enhance skin tone, luminosity and texture.

  • Treatment Experience

    The light therapy session will last for approx. 13 and a half minutes. Next we put an eye mask on and you can relax while the therapist performs your choice of a Hand and Arm Massage or Reflex Foot Therapy MassageYou can only partly see the alternating yellow light cycle through the alternating waves through your eye mask. All you feel is a slightly warming, sunlike sensation from the bulbs, which is nothing but relaxing. When the light switches off your therapist will apply a serum, toner and moisturiser (with SPF during the daytime treatment) It takes you a few minutes to readjust to the daylight once you take your mask off but what awaits you is that amazingly plump and glowy, fresh looking skin.