IPL Photo Rejuvination

Advanced Technology: Super Charge your Facial Experience

What is IPL Skin Rejuvenation

IPL, or intense pulsed light, can be used to cosmetically treat a number of different skin concerns. The machine uses intense pulsed light at multiple wave lengths, which scatter out into the skin, promoting the production of collagen and increasing circulation. These wave lengths can be adjusted using filters, meaning the treatment can be personalised to for your specific skin concerns.

An IPL skin rejuvenation treatment will stimulate collagen, boost the circulation, improve skin texture and help to even out skin tone. The treatment has virtually no down time and is suitable for all skin types.

As well as skin rejuvenation we also offer:

  • Vascular treatments to target broken capillaries, spider veins and rosacea.
  • Acne treatments to destroy bacteria that causes acne and promote skin healing.
  • Pigmentation treatments to break down and dissolve pigment that has built up as a result of sun damage or post inflammatory acne.

The main question everyone asks, does it hurt? Well everyone’s pain threshold is different, so not all skins will feel the same sensation. Remember we are using intense pulsed light. When the light is absorbed by the skin the energy is converted into heat. This is the main sensation you will feel, most people will describe it as a hot flick. It is quick though, and our therapists will constantly be checking in to make sure you are not in too much discomfort. While the sensation may feel slightly unpleasant, remember it is completely safe, and is going to help you get amazing results!

If you are serious about getting tangible results with your skin concerns please come in for an IPL consultation and patch test so we can super charge your next facial experience.