What is Hyperpigmentation?

Have you started to notice hyperpigmentation forming on your skin in the shape of brown spots, discolouration and an uneven complexion?

Hyperpigmented skin is the first sign of ageing and is now considered the leading age-marker. Controlling and preventing this challenging skin concern is a complex process that begins with our Skin Experts educating you on what hyperpigmentation is, what triggers your hyperpigmentation and how to effectively treat it.

What are the causes?

UV Exposure

Inflammation from skin trauma

Melasma (hormones, pregnancy, contraceptive pills, ovarian disorders)

Other (stress, medication, pollutants)

How can it look on my skin?

Age spots on the forehead, upper cheeks, hands and areas exposed to the skin

Discoloured marks from breakouts or wounds

Irregularly-shaped brown patches

Stress-related pigmentation may be visible around temples, jawline and sometimes above your eyebrows

How can I treat my Hyperpigmentation?

A thorough Skin Analysis by one of our Skin Experts is your ultimate tool in the successful treatments of these challenging skin conditions because it allows us to educate you about this common condition and helps us to plan and customise your skin treatments.
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